The crazy future of contact lenses

If you even for a second sat down and wondered "how do contact lenses work" , well, you have simply asked the noobiest question on earth. The reason being is because contact lenses might seem like they are only created to help people see better, but that is completely irrelevant to what we just recently read, saw and watched.

First, as a mark of good measure, all images you are about to see are properties of, we will simply show you ones that are available to the general public.

Just as a bit of background, this is a concept called "coolviue 2020" , they are created as normal lenses, that change from day vision, to dimmed vision in extreme light, to night vision in the nighttime.

They are capable of tracking people's faces , much like crimelab technology, or facebook image recognition software, this then goes through a database of known people, allowing you to identify , or do a detailed analysis of a person, maybe even an instant background check. If this sounds too futuristic, it's not.

There is a thermal tracking chip as well, please note, this will make the wearer aware of anything around them, thus making the human the dominant creature of the night as well as the day.

The lenses are solar and motion powered, this means blinking charges the battery, along with exposure to sunlight, although your retina wont be affected negatively.

You will now be capable of wireless communication with computers, mobile phones, and will even be able to experience 3-d virtual reality. This sounds crazy ,but prototypes are already available.

Cell phones will be a thing of the past, these lenses have gps guided maps, cell phone receptors, wireless internet, and even telescopic capabilities. So you can pretty much know the time, weather and have a meeting with your friend in china all while sitting in your armchair at home, j***** off.

CoolVue 2020 and box CoolVue 2020 and box

Lens view Lens view

Contact Lenses Installation Contact Lenses Installation

Lens close up Lens close up

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