French Gangster Escapes Prison In Burqa

Rédoine Faïd Rédoine Faïd
46-year-old French gangster Rédoine Faïd has escaped prison through the cooperation of a helicopter. Worse yet, the helicopter was unable to be found for some time, allowing Rédoine Faïd to elude authorities. This is not the first or second time Rédoine Faïd has done this.

Rédoine Faïd was finally caught on October third following some information about his whereabouts from an informant. At that time, French police apprehended what they thought was a woman walking on the streets of Paris. Shockingly, the woman had something dangling between her legs. Police quickly tackled and beat her with batons until she submits, screaming "Uncle! Uncle!".

Police were stunned, after ripping the burqa off, Rédoine Faïd was found wearing makeup. He even had his nails done, and reeked of perfumes.

Police told our sources that, after another beating, he will likely be put into the prison for roughly 30 years for his crimes. He will additionally not be given any more helicopters or burqas.

Rédoine Faïd has been moved to an isolation chamber in a super-max prison following his beating on October 4th. He is due for a court date to address his crimes later this week. 

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