Apple Phishing Scam 2018

Apple Scam 2018 Apple Scam 2018
A recent string of apple phishing scams has begun to plague the country. This scam involves the reception of emails claiming to be from apple support, telling you your Apple I.D. has been disabled for whatever reason. If you click on their seemingly genuine PDF attached to the message, you will be taken to what looks like the Apple website, however the address is very different.
If you fill out the form, you will give your apple credentials to criminals who will then likely abuse your account, and cash in on your saved payment systems associated with your Apple I.D.

If you Get this email which states: 

Dear Customer,

Regarding with:
Account Case ID - [#3255052018093255]

We have found some of you account information invalid and unverified.

Your account is temporarily disabled until we get your response.

Please help us verify your account information by open attachment file and follow instruction.

Our team will disable your account and all stored data with Apple if you didn't verify your account in 24 hours.

Thank you,
Apple Support

-Judging by the English , this is from India or Pakistan

Furthermore, the actual sender looks something like this: "n403638345654783568906[@]". Does that look genuine to you? 

There will likely be an attached PDF that looks like this:

If you get this email, delete it immediately and follow up with apple support. Likely, the origin is not even from the United States, but you can also contact your local FBI office to make them aware of this scam.

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