Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat is an adorable creature that has recently captivated the hearts of millions. Grumpy cat is a rare breed of cat , with the type of perma-frown so many of us take botox to ward off.

Grumpy Cat and Brother Grumpy Cat and Brother , Pokey (L,R)

Grumpy cat is the happiest little kitty on the planet, and can you blame him when he lives with a genuine cat collector? Hes so cute that we predict he will rise in popularity faster than trollface, or spoderman.

He has recently become a common meme amongst people, nd can you blame them?Hes just so darn cute!

Grumpy Cat Grumpy Cat

We also found an exceptionally cute picture of grump cat with his dog, whom seems so depressed compared to mr. Cat.

Grumpy Cat with dog Grumpy Cat with dog
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