How to make a one million dollar website fast and easy using ads

You know, this is unorthodox of me, but it recently struck me that if you write articles that are nonsence, people will still be directed to these articles through search engine. And you know what? They will read them.

So let us just make sure that you understand , advertising is a multi billion dollar industry, people actively seek "ad networks" which pay people like you to show these ads to visitors.

If you are not familiar with this methodology, check out google adsence, we would only say to check it out first because google is probably not going to shut down like adbrite did.

What adsence does is pay people like you to display these ads. Now the trick is, you usually get a penny per 1000 views, which "come on!", that sucks. The trick is to get thousands of people to visit your website a day, that way someone might click your ad, and you would earn maybe 41 cents or something like that.

But lets face it, in a competing world, the chances that people will click your article are slim to none. So is there a way around this?

I mean you can always try the google sniper method, which in reality would still work, but there is so much effort involved(this is called seo). You will still be relying on third parties for income, and you might have many dry seasons. We would definitely recommend this method, but it's nothing solid.

This method focuses solely on a quality of an article, which means you have to put effort into what you are doing , this might take one to two hours a day, something most of really don't have.

So, when we thought about this, we started thinking strategically. A famous example we used was "how did the Russians manage to defeat the Germans in world war II". And bang! That was our answer.

Instead of writing quality articles, which would take time, why not overwhelm our odds through the use of quantity.

Now you might be wondering exactly what we are looking to do. It's quite simple, the more articles you have , the more possible traffic. And here is how you will be able to turn less than 300$ in to a muti million dollar website!

The first step you have to take is to set up a website. This is easily done on a platform like, but unless you are doing exceptionally on google's terms, it's probably not where you want to be.

Our plan to you would be to find a cheap web-host that offers unlimited plans. Like hosting24 , you can click that link to check out coupons we have set up for you to save you money. Also, it might be preferable to go VPS for the high resource usage, check that out here : "should I go VPS?"

Now, when you first set up your domain name, make it something small, it can be nonsense, just make sure that it makes sense to you, search engine favor smaller names.

Now that you have a website set up, run an autoinstaller and install wordpress, an amazing blogging platform, which search engines love!

Choose a proper theme, don't do anything too cheesy or flashy, you need your site to run fast , and most of all , you need to get to work asap.

Ok, now that you have wordpress installed, go to "add plugins" and find a plugin called "xml sitemap" , install it, this will save you hours of work.

Now, how to get thousands of articles up and running? This is where you will have to buy a product that only costs 77$ called "instant article wizard" , click that link there to read more.

What this product will do is simply generate articles for you, instantly. All you will have to do is copy, paste, and repeat. You can do about 500 every hour or so. Make sure you add adsence or any other ad network ads prior to doing this.

With 5000 pages for instance, you can expect well over 600$ a month, paying off your investment to begin with.

When you get there, consider upgrading to a vps to handle the server load. But guess what? Now you wont have to work a day in your life! Cheers and happy hunting!

Enjoy your prize Enjoy your prize
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