How to make a one million dollar website fast and easy using ads

You know, this is unorthodox of me, but it recently struck me that if you write articles that are nonsence, people will still be directed to these articles through search engine. And you know what? They will read them.So let us just make sure that you understand , advertising is a multi billion dollar industry, people actively seek "ad networks" which pay people like you to show these ads to visitors.If you are not familiar with this methodology, check out google adsence, we would only say to check it out first because google is probably not going to shut down like adbrite did.What adsence does is pay people like you to display these ads. Now the trick is, you usually get a penny per 1000 views, which "come on!", that sucks. The trick is to get thousands of people to visit your website a day, that way someone might click your...

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