How to make money online

Making money online in your spare time.

Now , as someone that is not new to the whole making money online thing, I have tried sites like points2shop, cashle and prizerebel and made a few hundred dollars off of them. What’s the problem here?

1) You need to be persuasive and be great at directing traffic to your referral link to make "passive income".

2) You will make up to $1.50(Us) for everyone you refer. Yes, this is not bad, but it is not redundant and its pennies compared to what the bigboys make.

3) To make additional revenue, you will need to do goddamn surveys (these are lame and time consuming). Usually I end up wanting to kill myself after 10 minutes of this bullshit.

4) You will make 10 times the profit working a part time job in a week than you would using these sites in a month.


     Do they work?


 Yes, they absolutely work, in fact I started off using these sites and have gotten myself silly little things just by using YouTube to promote my links and by doing surveys. Are they something you should try? Absolutely! That is, if your new to moneymaking. I got myself an xbox360, a ps3 and a psp along with dozens of games without moving a finger and while in high school. The best part about these types of websites is, you don't have to pay a single f’ng penny to get started and they will pay you in checks when you accumulate 1$. It’s really not that bad for beginners. 


Feel free to try this one because I had my best success on it as far as "making pennies online" goes.

Yeah, thats my lifetime earnings from this site. Well, as you can see it won’t get anyone anything but a used pos car.


  From pennies to making thousands


But perhaps you are looking at the stuff above ^ and laughing. Why? Because
you have some fucking hair on your chest! YEAH! You have to buy a sexy
car, booze for your friends and dick steroids (check out my article on
this btw because it worked for me ;)! Well then a few hundred dollars
(if you’re lucky) from sites like points2shop are ok, but, they won’t get
you that 20-60,000$ car will they? And you certainly don't want to take 2
jobs do you :?!?!?!?!? (Yeah, I also worked a day job and a night shift
while in college to have money to support my excessive habits). Well
when I was in college (still sort of am), I found a better way to make
passive income and ended up quitting my night-shift (even as a night
owl, I needed slumber). Why would I do something so absurd since I was
making 12/hour for 8 hours a night? Because I started making a good
1000-1500$ a month through this new method! And my points2shop money
ended up paying for cigarettes instead of gas ;). Yeah, I started living
more comfortably, with a larger dick and more time, not to mention
more money to please women!


Nothing that works in life is free


Alright now, for the part nobody likes, I used some of my points2shop money
(meaning my actual amount of money from real labor was unscathed hehe)
to buy a book (yeah I f’ing hate reading too)  but, I decided
to take a gamble ( call it a “what the hell do I have to lose” moment). I
simply took out 50$ as a check and put it in my account, then I took a
gamble and bought this great book. The book is actually 47$ (us) exact
, but, that was one of the better investments I did in my entire life.
Why? Well... as I have stated above, ^ , this product gives me time and

You will see this on the product page, it was 47$ when I bought it as well, so don’t worry it’s not a limited time thing ;)


     Passive income


Do you know what passive income is? Well allow me to tell you. Passive
income is basically a concept people came up with and I experienced while using points2shop and
cashle. I won’t go into the details for now, but, it’s simply money that
comes in on a regular basis at a constant rate. Yes, you will have ups
and downs when you start, but it tends to equal out annually. This book
will help you start making about 1000$/ month with little effort! How does
that sound? Well as you may come to realize, that’s way more than 5100$
in 2 years!   What else? It’s more than making 900$/ month from a part
time nightshift job where you get 3 days a week and don’t sleep just to
save for a car. Better yet, you end up getting proceed without lifting a
finger. I will call this the medium tier for making money online. Why?
Because it tends to stay in the single thousands and some hundreds a
month. ie. You won’t make 10,000+ with this method like the book says. But
who the fuck would care? Because guess what? IT’S MONEY! It’s actually
really fun when you start because all you really do is sit and watch
money pile up ^^! Yeah, did I mention it requires no skills
whatsoever? I end up making about 10,000$/ year (unless I have bad luck
and it’s a bit less), which, as you can see is more than 4x what I make
on p2s and without any effort. P2s is roughly 2,500 annually. I have
also used google ads and know how the hell that whole “pay per click
shit” works. Guess what everyone? It FAILS. Honestly, is anyone dumb
enough to click an ad that leads to an article full of words and not
pictures? hehe.  People usually think ads are viruses (because they are
in many cases, so this is even more futile than points2shop and dreaded
prizerebel (I hate this site because you can’t withdraw your cash).


     Buy it and quit your store job?


8155795gYou will laugh at how blatantly easy this stuff is to grasp. Now, you may
not quit your job, but if you are working a part time pos (I use this
word for piece of shit because I’m an avid online gamer) job like I did,
you will be able to buy the expensive stuff you once could only dream
of. Think about it? You make 10,000$ a year while in college, or
whatever you do, you will be able to afford an apartment. No woman would
even look at you twice if you lived with your mother wahahahahaha!
Nevertheless, you could afford that new iphone now with the 150$/ month
plans. Why? Because you will be making money! I can’t stress to you
enough how much this will facilitate your life. Imagine (as I was once
in your position), I lived with my parents and had a small penis. Yeah
laugh all you want, after I found this product, I got an apartment, and
penis enhancers, a sexy car, and I’m still in college. Did I mention
that I can afford expensive clothes? Yeah everyone wants to be my friend
now ;) It just facilitates your life. My parents never really where into
buying me anything (especially after looking at the price tags), so,
now that I can buy whatever I want and can have a life rather than
breaking my back at the supermarket (and dying of lack of sleep :/).


Does it work?


I can’t stress to you enough, if you’re a beginner and a few thousands a month will keep you from dying, or being lame like I was, you should definitely fucking buy this product! I’m simply swearing at you to tell you that this product fuckingworks! Click here to buy the product! You wont regret it! I sure as hell still make as much money from it as I did 1 year ago.

    Quit your second part time job and live like you took 2 nightshifts?

Ok, so maybe you just want to go into work and tell your boss to kiss your
ass and walk out, everyone will think you’re so godly and literally deify
you! What’s the problem? Oh yeah, your boss is the reason you still get
paid. And in this economy, if you lose your job, good luck finding
another. Another reason why I would implore you to try this is simply
because, if you are like me, you will see college as less of a "what do I
have a passion for" and more of a "what will make me make more money".
There is a reason feline behaviorology is no longer taught in 99% of
the colleges in the United States. Now it’s all just fucking human and
animal behaviorology, and prepare to feel claustrophobic when you go to
class hehe. But how would you like to pursuit your passion without the
whole " I cant fucking pay back this godamn loan" drama that occurs
during college. Or maybe you want to retire at the age of 30 :)?  Well,
this product is the reason that I can now officially make hundreds of

of dollars a year! It’s almost unreal! But, I will tell you it
certainly works!  Consider it a graduation from "The big secret" by
Brian Koz. This product is around the same price, unless you buy the 2
97$ video tutorials (that will indeed make your life soooo much easier
and will show you how to make your own online empire in just hours).
The product alone is, again, 47$! Yeah it sounds cheap  :D. The fact of
the matter is , it will show you how to make a website guaranteed to
make you about 500$ a month. And what happens from there? Well, you make
more, and more, and more, and more websites! Once you make about 10,
you make 5,0000$ a month (my points2shop total for 2 years). I can’t even
stress how much money there is at stake here. If you make 5,000/ month,
that’s 70,000$/ year. But who said you have to stop at 10 websites? Why
not go 20 or 100? Do you see what I’m getting at :? 100x500= 50,000$/
month. Now don’t start laughing, but, how much is that per year? The
average user is expected to make 10,000$/ month, but they get lazy. You
will start making your first website for about 2 hours (yeah this takes a
bit more time) ,but then you can make the second, third and so on in
about 30 minutes. What happens next? Did you remember what I said
earlier? About passive income? Well.... This will explain that to you
with that exact term (which is the most logical term I can tell you
without breaking the contract when buying this product).

This is what you will be getting after you get this program to work for you, tell your boss to kiss your ass for me ;)

woah we are dealing with a badass over here

             Google Sniper 2.0



Maybe you can’t grasp the concept, so don't take my word for it, simply try the product. It will be the best 47$ you will invest in your entire life. As we can all see, the economy is merciless at the moment and we can’t rely on employers who don't hold us on tight strings. But, by all means if you want to work after this product works its magic for you, you will be working for what you enjoy rather than to survive.  It’s simply amazing, again, compared to the whole pay per click and pay per registration that most other programs endorse. This product has allowed me to buy a 5 room apartment (yeah its super luxurious) , and best of all, I live alone. So, in the end I can host parties, have a nice car and have my parents off my back. What else? I’m not done with college yet!. I have a nice car, wear nice clothes and have quit my second job! I now live with little stress in my life, and can focus on looking good (ie testing products) instead of actually going to college for medicine or law! I have websites that have made 300$ in one day! Now compare that to 64 at a supermarket, working, 8, long, arduous hours! I assure you, though I can’t tell you much about the program or I will be getting in trouble, it works like magic. I too was skeptical, but now I can tell you,  it works. Imagine, a life where you don’t worry about money, where you can buy whatever you want whenever you want it. Imagine this being done in college! Imagine, while you are in class, your websites pilebunk hundreds of dollars an hour. The least successful websites will make 500$/ month!(300 if you completely fail) Imagine what the good ones will


Click here to buy google sniper today!

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-This article was written by Cornelius-

-This article is an exaggeration- and not based on real life-

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