How to make your cat sad

Have you ever wondered how people make their cats sit in corners, sobbing for long hours? Well the secret is to just put something on the cat. It can be a towel, a piece of tape, or anything the cat might find difficult to remove on it's own.

Crown For Cat Crown For Cat

For our purposes, we will tell you that cats , unlike dogs, are free animals, anything that wouldn't be on them in nature will cause them to get depressed. Anyways, it's not so much depression as much as it is a moment your cat takes to plot it's revenge :)

So for our purposes today, we will use a crown :) For 20.00$(US) , you can give your cat an adorably cute crown! At the same time, your cat will secretly begin to plot your demise, enjoy all those pictures you take and post on icanhascheezurger , because although they will be funny, you wont live long enough to see your cat acquire "meme" status.

In all honesty? It's totally worth it, for those brief 15 minutes :) You will make your cat famous, and it looks really cute, if I may comment. So here it is , a crown for your cat:

Please note: this does not actually hurt your cat, nor will your cat actually kill you? Or will it?
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