If you shoot the drones that are spying on you, you go to jail

In something hauntingly weird, unmanned drones used to spy on people as they have sex and do other dirty work have become "targets" with cash rewards in various counties throughout the country. Hunters have had enough, they don't want some CIA guy jacking off at his desk while spying on a guy doing his wife. No , no that is just getting too personal.

A town in lower Colorado began the trend of paying hunters for every confirmed spy-drone kill. This of-course seems fair -- who wants to be spied on 24/7 right? Killing the drones is pretty easy too , since they do use helicopter-like still motion hovering (you know so the guy with the remote can get really close and personal).

Anyways, obviously shooting at drones in the middle of the city is sort of dangerous. I mean, the debris from the fallen drone could injure someone, worse yet a fire could start and set a few of our "tinderbox" houses on fire. (maybe we need to work on that).

Even though it sounds like a legitimate concern, the government released a statement saying anyone caught trying to fell unmanned "spy drones" will be receiving a lengthy prison sentence. Yes, they made it very clear that all airspace is national property. Sorry people, the government is going to watch you with your wife through a small peep hole in your window , and there is nothing you can do about it. You can however write a petition to your local senator asking for a bit of privacy, but you probably wont get a reply.

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