Zimmerman emerges a hero

George Zimmerman George Zimmerman

You would think that following the great riots post the acquittal of George Zimmerman under the "stand your ground law" in the Tryvon Martin case would leave Zimmerman in a relatively bad position. Just that occurred for the past few days, causing Zimmerman to go into hiding for the fear of his own life.

Well, today this "public enemy" emerged, and ironically it was Zimmerman that pulled a man from a overturned truck (in serious danger of fatal injury). Yes, yes, after days of fearing for his own life, the very man we expected to get severe negative reps has emerged as a hero. Now what would have happened to the truck driver if Zimmerman got jail time?

Well, this is certainly something nobody saw coming. Rumors state he saved three other people from the wreckage as well.

Here is something absolutely ridiculous though , WND is stating the family was white, in an attempt to make this sound racist. Way to go you stupid ignorant pricks, because race really matters in a life and death situation right? *cough of irony*
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