Is Instant Article Wizard A Scam?


Our viewers have vied to have us review this product. Accordingly, Instant article wizard is capable of taking a bunch of garbage from leading websites and organize it into a fine article that looks to have been written by a Harvard professor. Naturally we saw this as being a bunch of bullshit and propaganda to promote some piece of shit , robotic system that isolates unrelated topics and bundle them into a bunch of nonsense that results in a well, unprofessional looking article. Well, as with anything else we have reviewed by far, we would not waste our time "Blogging" about this item if it was a scam just to get 80$ out of you in one year. In fact, we where stunned. This product worked with absolute efficiency. We where stunned , quite frankly we see this product as being irreplaceable. Imagine this, the word plagiarism will no longer be valid. Why? Because although it would naturally be plagiarism if you took a section off Wikipedia and copy/pasted it, you would be sued on copyright infringement. The same goes to using 2 or 3 websites. The quotes are just too detectable. With instant article wizard, your information will arrive from no less than 1000 individual websites, thus, resulting in what people often refer to as " common knowledge". Common knowledge (although you have technically plagiarized) doe not qualify as plagiarism. If you had something this great, you could have fucking looked like a Harvard professor back in high school. We where stunned at how , using an article that you have no knowledge of, you can create a paper that sounds so... professional. The best part being you can re-organize everything and use the reword tool to make it 100% different. Nobody can even guess. Its like doing 50 hours of research in one minute. This tool , in our opinion is invaluable. For anyone, from a college student to any businessman. With the internet being at an all time high, and everything relying on type rather than print, this will save you a ton of time. We don't jest when we state " We love this product!". If you are interested in saving time and money, we implore you to try this product. The trial is 7$ (US) for 7 days (its a safe purchase) , and 77$ if you want to buy the real thing. Believe us, we would have ditched this thing if it was anything but exceptional after 7 days.


UPDATE 2014:

Question : This program it doesn't work properly. I paid $77 for a software what shouldn't even been on the marked. Instant Article Wizzard is a SCAM. I tried to install it on different OS and on non of them doesnt work. I have asked for a refund for one week now and still no reply. Good thing I still receive all this spamy mails daily offering me other products instead of solving my issue. Who is says this software is working its actualy lieing. Support is really bad as well- Ciprian Rotopanesc

Our Reply: This product worked fine on windows 7 home edition 64 bit. I’m not tech support however so you might want to contact that department in regards to your issue.

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