Is Instant Article Wizard A Scam?

Our viewers have vied to have us review this product. Accordingly, Instant article wizard is capable of taking a bunch of garbage from leading websites and organize it into a fine article that looks to have been written by a Harvard professor. Naturally we saw this as being a bunch of bullshit and propaganda to promote some piece of shit , robotic system that isolates unrelated topics and bundle them into a bunch of nonsense that results in a well, unprofessional looking article. Well, as with anything else we have reviewed by far, we would not waste our time "Blogging" about this item if it was a scam just to get 80$ out of you in one year. In fact, we where stunned. This product worked with absolute efficiency. We where stunned , quite frankly we see this product as being irreplaceable. Imagine this, the word plagiarism will no longer be...

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