Is the civilized world going to stand against Syria?

Incidents involving Syria have had a very predominant place in our public media for some time. Most recently, chemical weapon rumors --claiming both sides are using them-- have surfaced, and in some cases confirmed.

As this is happening, countries like Russia have finally given up , they too now want to preserve humane discipline within the confines of their cold war ally. As such, the Imperial Russian fleet has amassed in preparation for a conflict around Syria, and in case of a conflict, they are ready to react accordingly.

Regardless, Britain, France and the United States have already had their triggers on this part of the world for some time. It seems eminent that if a conflict is to arise, the Syrian regime and all the rebels might be obliterated in just a few hours -- and thus a new puppet regime will be set up--.

It is uncertain as of now , but signs point to Syria as another Iraq. And as with the Iraq incident , the toppled country will have to be rebuilt from scraps, and our countries will lose men for no reason (along with resources and funds) , just to preserve the civil rights of some far-off trigger happy barbarians.

syrian intervention now likely to occur Syrian intervention now likely to occur
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