Is the mp3 player dead technology?

The mp3 player, something that has changed our generation could soon be phased out. Although the mp3 player , and especially the ipod, have become very common and still have large customer bases, ipod and mp3 player sales have crashed to an all-time low (since 2001 parse).

At the rate that things are going, soon the mp3 player will no longer be available at stores or even online retailers. And what is the reason for this sharp decline in mp3 player sales? Well, after the phasing out of the cd player, mp3 players were just so much more convenient. The size factor was a huge benefit , but most of all the portability, no more disks to luggage around.

And using that same reasoning, it is possible to assume that the cause for declines in mp3 standalone player sales is the huge focus (emphasis) on smartphones. Again, people prefer having less that can do more, so having an iphone 5 with 64 gb of memory kind of makes it VERY unnecessary to buy an ipod.

Although itunes sucks (had issues going from one pc to a new laptop), all smartphones have this capability , and mp3 players just cant stack up. The truth is, the iconic ipod is destined to die , it's time in the light is steadily coming to an end. The 10 - year long domination of standalone mp3 players is over :(  Soon they will be as rare to see as a hipster with a cd player , sitting alone on a park bench.

ipod sales mean death for the iconic mp3 player ipod sales mean death for the iconic mp3 player

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