Boston Bomber older brother's youtube

The older Boston bombing terrorist ,Tamerlan Tsarnaev has a clear motive for what he has done. We have done some investigation work, and we have found his youtube channel. He has clearly taken an extreme liking to videos promoting anti-western Muslim action. The most shocking video he seems to have liked pictured a cameleon walking over a par of sunglasses , entailing that a true terrorist would be the most effective undetected , which we already posted as a possible reason why al-queda and the chechans would send these guys (with military training) over. Source : "Boston bomber motives"

Tamerlan Tsarnaev youtube Tamerlan Tsarnaev youtube

His video playlists included music by the extreme chechnan singer "Timur Mucuraev" , a compilation on the teachings of Islam and lastly, a play-list entitled "terrorism".

Tamerlan Tsarnaev boxing Tamerlan Tsarnaev boxing

Aside from his islamic militarized views , this guy seemed pretty normal. He was a boxer , had friends (not American) , and was popular with women(he had a wife and daughter). Was he radicalized prior to coming here? Did it happen after he came here? Was he funded by someone? Soon we will all find out!

You can view his youtube channel here: Last active 2 weeks ago (1 week before the bombing).
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