James Whitey Bulger Dead

Whitey Bulger Dead Whitey Bulger Dead

Bulger Dead In Virginia Prison 

Whitey Bulger has been found dead in his prison cell early this morning. Following a brief "checkup", examiners observed that the individual failed to respond to verbal directions to get up. After no response was given, guards opened the doors and poked Bulger. Bulger still did not respond.

Bulger was sent to the medical unit in the prison immediately for evaluation. After close examination, and attempted recitation, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Bulger was 89 years old. The Hazelton -Preston county prison officials will have an open press conference later today or early tomorrow regarding the matter. 

Is This The End Of Bulger?

Many of the victims terrorized by James Whitey Bulger and his crew might not see this as "justice", likely because Bulger died of natural cases – only a few years after beginning his consecutive life sentences. The victims and their families would have likely wished he lived longer and gave an up-front confession regarding his crimes.

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This leaves many wondering whether justice came too late and whether Bulger received ample punishment under the system. Many have yet to renounce their spite for the glorification of Bulger in the movies that came out following his capture.

We will continue to keep you updated with this developing story.

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