Man kills 6 people in Sikh temple then dies

It just so happens that all too recently, the aurora massacre was still a fresh story, and all of a sudden, another massacre happens. This time a "self proclaimed" neo-nazi" decided to walk into a Muslim temple and open fire.

The gunman was  confronted by a police officer in the midst of the shooting, he opened fire on the police officer, but the officer sent him a fatal shot through the forehead, resulting in the end of the massacre.

The brave officer is now in intensive care, word has it he wont make it.  Two other people also lie dying in a hospital with near fatal wounds. We, again, condone this action as another act of terrorism, like the aurora theater massacre.

We are sad to see that the most powerful country in the world cannot regulate access to weapons of war (mgs, smgs , rifles etc etc) within it's own borders.

We also believe that regardless of race, colour or religion, people have the god-given right to live.

We see these massacres occurring with perpetual consistency, although they are spontaneous, we don't have the bloodiest clue why the average commoner would need a minigun to go hunt a deer or an m16 to defend his home from trespassers. We wont go out and say that we want the American people (whom do love their guns)to get rid of guns altogether , we want to simply see anything that is semi or fully automatic banned for commercial use, there is no freaking point in having a machine gun in the hands of incompetent commoners. If people are so eager to try them, they can enlist in the armed forces.

A simple hunting rifle or hand pistol should be sufficient to not only hunt, but defend your home from any intruder or animal.  America has a gun problem, we have had this since the rise of the mafia in the early 1900's and the rise of gangs near the end of the cold war. It's time to confront it, and hopefully, obliterate it.

We implore you to stop ignoring the facts, stop this madness before it becomes too common.

The alleged shooter (left) and a weeping commoner (right) The alleged shooter (left) and a weeping commoner (right)

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