Possible Resurgence of Ebola in Uganda

After a week of secrecy , one of the largest hospitals in Uganda (Kagadi Hospital) has confirmed that the 16 people that died in the past week at this hospital have indeed died of the dangerous, and viral infection called Ebola.

Ebola is a type of virus/germ hybrid that lives naturally in the African soil (for whatever reason thats the only place it lives). When strange conditions occur, the virus resurges and attacks apes and humanoids alike, nobody can quite predict these surges because they occur spontaneously. The victims will grow puss-balls, throw up, have high fever and diarrhea, then succumb to the infection and die.

The largest problem is that Ebola is like a plague , when the germ enters one human, and it is deadly 90% of the time, It spreads through populations VERY quickly, resulting in exterminations of villages cities and possibly, entire countries.

Should you be worried? The Hospital states that the area has been quarantined, we have no clue how many of the people that fled could have caught the infection, but as children , most Europeans and Canadians where given a shot against Ebola.

The worrisome thing comes after you learn how to stop the disease, the only way would be to wait until the victims die, then burn them and bury them deep in the ground, isolated from the general public. Luckily only a few prisoners In Uganda have been confirmed to have the virus.

But who knows what the consequences of a minor outbreak can be?

ebola workers Here workers covered in haz-mat suits prepare to address the situation. 

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