Exploring the Phenomenon: Why Women Get Ghosted by Men

Ghosted Ghosted

In the realm of modern dating, the term "ghosting" has become all too familiar, referring to the act of abruptly cutting off all communication with so...

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Student Debt Can’t Find A Job. Should I Get A Refund?

Getting A Refund On Your Debt Getting A Refund On Your Debt

Accruing Debts: ​  Accruing debts in college is easy. You apply for financial aid through a FAFSA form, you are guaranteed (practically) approval...

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Judist Men Attack Three Center Easterners At The Shoreline, Thinking of them as 'Bedouin Mutts'

Three men in their 30's from the northern city of Sheffer stated that a police officer gave insights with respect to Thursday, ensuring they were stru...

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Trying to be 100% honest for a day

Have any of you ever tried to go one day without lying or stretching the truth just to see what a perfect world would be like? Well yesterday I was late for work, I told my boss "well, Steve I just simply didn't feel like leaving early because I don't care too much about this job, I would rather be playing xbox than being here to be honest". Steve is no longer my boss. That's right, I got fired. Life is a bitch and Steve is a mofo. Together Alone

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Im a fat bald guy

"Thats right gentlemen, I'm a fat bald guy. I'm like 40 years old, and I live in my parent's basement, alone. Every couple of months I come out to see the light. My eyeballs burn when I look at the light too directly. Then I get in my car to go down to the store to buy something. I hate it so much when my GPS makes me go through the ghetto. Sometimes I think technology is the reason why god doesn't talk to us anymore. When I get home with all the tonnage of snacks I had wasted all of my money on, it really pisses me off how I can't hear the television while I chew. What pisses me off even more is how my ps3 cant be turned on from a distance. Its very painful when I have to switch the cables on the television. God I hate...

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My favorite lolcat

Icanhazcheezburger made me a better person, it introduced me to the lolcats , rare cats that can't help but bring a smile to anyone's face. So I will share the best one yet: My favorite lolcat

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Squirrels need to be nerfed because they are op

It has come to my attention that squirrels are op(overpowered). I think that due to their absolute invulnerability to everything around them, they deserve to be nerfed. Just the other day, a squirrels with a spall liner, and camo net sneakily rushed into a child, ammo racking him. Freaking nub op haxEvery day we sit at home, they attempt to break in, hungry for human flesh. The more we wait, the stronger they grow, which leads me to believe that they are overpowered. So, I think that they need to:1) stop using hax2) get nerfed3) stop using HAX!Also, all the noobs that QQ abut how op the squirrels species is need to grow a pair. I mean, it's not like the average commoner has been pwned one too many times by squirrels? But if you do get pwned, by all means, call it op, its not like they have any skillz.Squirrels...

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Im pro

Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you "I'm in your backyards" , I'm a hide and seek pro. Please don't hate me. Im proIf you see me in your backyard, make sure to say hello! Don't be a stranger! I will make this post larger as I become more pro. Pro Timeline: -December 15, 2012, I pwned 312 noobs. Thats one hell of a record!

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You did not get into artschool eh?

Just a bit of background on the only person that runs this massive website, my name is Ferdinand, I am a failure. My only goal in life was to attend the Academe of fine arts in Vienna/Linz, Austria. In early 2012, I was rejected because my art simply did not stack up to their high degree of standards.My goal in life has always been to pursue my passion of sculpting in marble, although I did very limited work in actual Italian marble, I would still adore to go back in time and  get into the KUK academe , alas this can no longer be an option.Since I can never be a sculpture now, I am giving away all of my works, I will start with two done in oils, some of my "uglier ones". I will post these snapshots directly from my deviantart account, in hopes that somebody wants them.I will...

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