When Will Mount And Blade BannerLord Be Released?

 After months, make that years, almost a decade of waiting for the much-anticipated sequel to warband, we finally have news to bring to everyone regarding when BannerLord will be released! BannerLord Confirmed?

From the depths of Caldaria, we welcome our new legions of peasants hungry for daily bread. Its always harvesting season when peasant men, women, and children must be slaughtered for bags of grain, cheese, and dried meats! Are you ready to plunder, burn, and loot villages, castles, and other people?

So the answer is, BannerLord will be released next harvesting season. What does that entail? Its always harvesting season?

It could be one week, one year, one decade, maybe two. Who knows? Maybe the right answer is never.

Honestly, everyone is wondering the same thing. Someone will surely tear someone limb from limb for this injustice. Or at least break some legs.

BannerLord Confirmed
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