Muslims continue to riot, coming closer to home

Following our initial story, where muslims in Egypt and Libya burned American flags and stormed the U.S. embassies , and subsequently killed the US representative in Lybia along with three of his crew, the protests quickly spread to countries like Yemen , Oman and Qatar .

Well, now we have word of attacks in India, Pakistan, Jordan, Israel, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia , and even, Australia. You hear right, our beloved twin of America has been infested with protesters, hungry for blood, waving the flags of al qaeda and abu sayaaf (the al qaeda of the southern hemisphere) .

Millions flocked to Sidney, and have been camping there since. They are throwing rocks at the poor Australian riot police, and are burning American flags. As a Christian country, Australia should suppress these riots with sheer force. Why? To set an example for these terrorists, if they don't do it now, they will spring up in the United Kingdom tomorrow, and in the states in a week.

It is at times like this that men must go against their belief that humans have the right to free speech, zealots need to be suppressed, be it Muslims or pagans. A religious zealot is a very dangerous thing, as we have experienced 11 years ago.

We are really left speechless, " Innocence Of Muslims" was a horrible short film, as we have stated before. It's just so rare to see people so distant from reality, we pity the Muslims for acting out, it's almost childish.  Simultaneously, it's very dangerous, Muslims are all around us, and if they seek our blood, for whatever fanatical reason, they will have it.

Poor Australian Riot Police Have To Contain A Bunch Of Muslim Protesters Poor Australian Riot Police Have To Contain A Bunch Of Muslim Protesters - Reuters

Before you go out and call us racists, please take care to realize that when Ahmed Deedat , a Muslim holy man, decided to mock our lord Jesus Christ on Easter, we did not attack or kill anyone, this just shows the gap between how much more in control we are than the Muslims that instigate these riots. Also note, the riots in the middle east have known links to terrorist groups, there is paper evidence that includes bribes to Shaiques , and much more.

We have nothing against Muslims,we  just strongly dislike religious fanatics, they are the root cause of problems in society. There is nothing wrong with religion at all, but when you use it as a weapon, that is VERY wrong!

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