New cacoon found

Scientists in Antarctica have done it again, they have discovered another one of god's creations, although we have to wonder why god made this one, we wont challenge his decision for sure!

So what the word on the streets, directly from men in black robes selling this stuff on the streets is that this is some monster that was wrapped in a cocoon of mucus by some massive leaches.

We also know that it is strikingly similar to the apocalyptic being Cthulhu, perhaps they are genealogically related?

Here is the enemy of mankind Here is the enemy of mankind

What we also know is that this animal grew to a mature size, about the same as a human, every 24 hours. Scientists claim the the lifeforms only lived about 24 hours, so we fear this one may wake up, and perhaps eat those poor scientists alive.

It would be fitting to start a donation for their families, because this doomsday parasite wont let them leave alive :(
(note all of our information was solicited -everything below the image is fictional-)
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