America has become too sensitive?

We all look to America as the leader in the first world, and yet, some things seem very strange on the global market. One of these that can no longer be ignored is American sensitivity.

We are writing this in regards to some young ladies that received a bill that called them "fat girls".  The check is below:

Fat Girls Check Fat Girls Check (click to enlarge)

Now, these girls went out of their way to punish poor "Jeff" by taking this to the media. Talk about freaking sensitive!

As the story goes, Jeff wrote the names into his computer to keep track of the clients, he did this by appearance, but this time he forgot to undo it before giving them the receipt, we are all mortal, we all do this sometimes.

But these women not only informed his manager, whom found it funny ,much like we do. But they also notified the press, the police , and maybe the CIA too, just because "Jeff" called them fat.

Its almost as funny to read about this as when "bullying" became a crime. In Europe, things are still taken care of man to man. The fact that this story makes global headlines tells us America needs to "sack up".
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