New Orleans mothersday shooting

Police gather evidence in new orleans shooting Police gather evidence in new Orleans shooting

We have many "reliable" sources pointing to another unexpected surge of violence; this time in New Orleans. Sources state that during a peaceful "Mother's Day" parade, a string of three individuals rushed the crowd, and poured them with lead.

At least  nineteen people were injured. Four suffered "life-threatening" injuries, but don't appear to be in "unstable" circumstances as of this hour. No deaths have occurred as of this moment.

Police indicate that this is most likely common "street crime" , probably over money. Not that it really matters, this is appalling.

Under these circumstances just remember , future tragedies will occur, and panic or action against anything other than the perpetrators is improper.

Likewise , the situation of "gun control" should not come up , because remember , even police offers pull guns on innocent people.
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