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Blogs added!

Blogs added!

We make very good on our early, early promises. We told you, you will have your own blogs. Well guess what? Today this has come true! Just log-in , and under the "me" menu, click "blog".

You will have your own personalized blog , of course you can't edit the appearance of it yet, but we might change that in the future. In your blogs, you are free to talk about anything, it's a free world :)


We also want to show you a few more additions we made to create a finer experience. These seem tiny, we know, but they impact your experience in a major way!

First, we fixed up the classified ads, based on location, prices will now be in Euros or USD. Soon, we will support Canada Dollars. Remember, if you want to advertise, this is your place!


Now, we also implemented a "terms of service" , please take a few seconds to read it. We thank all those that allow us to continue creating a safer and more friendly environment! 


Also, to anyone that is recently planning on registering, more modern spam-guards were implemented. We hope these make it more fun to complete a challenge , while also deterring spammers.

Lastly, we are working on getting the store up , so these points won't be for nothing. Everything is sort of done, but we still have a long way to go until we launch it.


In the mean time, talk on the forums!

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