Pakistani Christian disses Muhammad -Muslims burn down Christian homes-

Lets see here... a 20 something year old Christian Pakistani (rare mix there) was drinking with his Muslim friends.   I guess they were so shitfaced that they began telling him they would accuse him of blasphemy against the prophet Mohammad.

Now we also know that this guy was indeed accused of this, and if proven guilty, will be executed by firing squad.  Yes, in Pakistan, you still get shot if you insult Muhammad.

So yes, this peaceful bunch of Muslims wanted to take the guy in themselves, and stone him until dead. When the local authorities decided not to allow this to happen, they themselves were stoned by this crowd of angry Muslims , not to death thanks to their high-end American made riotshields.

Here we see some of these peaceful people Here we see some of these peaceful people

But the crowd couldn't go without bloodshed, so they went to a town harboring a small Christian community. And being the peaceful crowd that they were, they looted every local shop, and severely beat the owners.

But that still wasn't enough to feed their bloodlust ,no , no. The went into the town itself, and began beating the local commoners with sticks, stones and whatever else they could find. They then began to burn each and every house down, one by one. Anyone that ran from their home was seized and severely beaten.

Over 100 homes were burned to the ground, all the others were looted, and more than 300 people were beat severely. Luckily, nobody succumb to their injuries , although countless were rather severe.

It is such an event that we speculate and wonder what in the sweet hell on earth were they thinking? This is literally savagery, pardon my language but for the love of god, this isn't 12000 bc , this is bloody 2013 , we don't just go out and burn down villages. The funniest part is nobody even got charged with a minor misdemeanor. The Pakistani government just turned a blind eye.

If something like this happened with a Christian majority on a Muslim minority, there would be charges of crimes against humanity, it's just sad when people have to resort to such extremes. Bloodlust is such an archaic trait of mankind, but what can we do?

The worst thing is that this probably happens very frequently with these barbaric extremists against their fellow Muslims, and goes unreported.
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