The Dangers of Air Conditioning: Balancing Comfort and Health

Danger Of Air Conditioning Danger Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become a ubiquitous feature in homes, offices, and public spaces around the world, providing respite from hot and humid climates....

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The Surprising Benefits of Eating Honeycomb Raw


Honey has been a cherished natural sweetener and remedy for centuries, but did you know that consuming honeycomb in its raw form can provide even more...

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Honey Comb Honey Comb

What Is Honeycomb? Honeycomb is a type of hexagonal wax, geometrically designed by honey bees. Honey bee honeycomb is the most popular, noted for its ...

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Fried Chicken made in China

In a very baffling study , companies are getting ready to export dead USA chickens to china, have them processed there, and brought back here(witht he intention of selling them frozen and to fast food restaurants). Even with such facts as "arsenic in Chinese imported apple juices" and "lead paints in Chinese made children's toys" -- outsourcing does not have the best track record.These previous case studies are a cause for concern , and we certainly don't feel safe eating chicken "fabricated in china". Cutting costs at the cost of human lives is a terrible move on whoever decided to do this.Its impracticable to import non-dried meats from anywhere anyways. But how will the general populous react to this? Are Chinese standards equal to our standards? Will every sample be checked thoroughly? Is it practical or possible to check every sample?There are many questions to ask! It could be perfectly safe...

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5 Vegetarian Items To Barbecue

Barbecue Veggies Barbecue Veggies

Being a vegetarian can be tough. You go to restaurants and the menus are limited, you go to fast food places and all you can have is fries. Life is to...

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Production: Production of honey begins with the collection of nectar from various plants, flowers, and buds. Bees ingest raw nectar, process the nectar, then excrete it from glands (known as hypopharyngeal glands). The honey is then stored in a wax coating made from various amino acids (proteins) and vegetable as well as other organic substances. The honey coats the combs of the hive and is stored for later consumption by the workers and queen. Honey production takes a relatively long period of time to accumulate enough amounts of honey for human consumption. Health Benefits: Honey is considered a “health food”. The health benefits of honey are well-studied and historically verifiable. Humans have been harvesting honey from bees since the beginning of written history. As of now some benefits of long-term consumption of honey include: • Wound healing and antiseptic properties (applied externally)• Cough suppression (lubrication and physical scraping of bacteria) •...

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How To Optimize Human Growth Hormone

How To Optimize Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is often attributed as the single most important and valuable amino acid when people (men in particular) attempt to lose weight (usually caused by estrogen increases in later years) and gain muscle (along with proteins). Optimizing Human Growth Hormone or HGH for short is not an easy or scalable task (as it is naturally produced by the body and supplements could potentially be harmful). The number one doctor recommended solution for combating low HGH or even producing standard HGH is sleep. During sleep, humans produce the largest quantifiable mass of Human Growth Hormone. This has been monitored and documented in several external studies (in various institutions throughout the world). Primarily, HGH production is at its most potent during REM (rapid eye movement) which occurs during the 2-5 a.m. hours.And although production of HGH does not decrease with age, it is actually completely and utterly nullified by estrogen. The largest...

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The Conversion Of Body Fat To Muscle

The Conversion Of Body Fat To Muscle

How the f*** can you go from gaining weight to making muscle? Is all the hype around “converting fat to muscle” even possible? Muscle itself is a tissue type that constantly feeds on and absorbs calories (whether you are working out or not). While fat simply stores energy until the body is desperate enough to begin eating from these “reserves”.So is there a transition possible in which the fat energy can be absorbed by muscles to produce muscle while shrinking the fat cells (giving you a sculpted physique)? If you have ever seen a professional weight lifter, you might be very surprised that this is not an easy task (as the fat on a weight lifter is very obviously overgrown above their muscle). Coexistence seems almost completely and utterly impossible based on the appearance of these individuals. So how the f*** can someone with a bit of extra luggage turn into...

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Using Your Own Body’s HGH To Build Muscle

Using Your Own Body’s HGH To Build Muscle

Human growth hormone or “HGH” for short is an essential amino acid that aids in the production and maintenance of muscles. Without HGH, people can often wonder why the hell they keep exercising and there is quite literally no result.People that do not naturally produce enough HGH turn to protein powders, HGH supplements and even HGH injections (which end up costing them well over 20,000$ per year).You see, if you do not naturally produce enough of this hormone from your pituitary, you can just keep exercising and you will never gain muscle mass.Likewise, using synthetic HGH supplements can be very volatile and dangerous to your own development. For example, a chemical misbalance using synthetic HGH can cause cancer (which is not a fact but rather an example).But what if you could stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more HGH without any negative consequences? Your body already naturally produces this amino acid...

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Why is building muscle so hard?

Building muscles is something man has struggled to do since ancient times. Men as far back as ancient Babylon have wanted larger muscles with less effort. Although muscles are super appealing, and every man should have a ripped chest and six pack abs, it is absurd to believe that such things can be acquired in our daily , busy lifestyles. If you are like me, going to the gym might be tedious, at best. In fact, you might not even have the bloody time or willpower to go to the gym. Now this doesn't mean that you won't be "fit" if you eat right,and exercise every now and then. The problem comes with trying to actually maintain a tone, and building off that tone. Do you want these types of results?  Tone is what women want, and it's what men on television in those soap operas have, it's attractive, and everyone...

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Make your teeth whiter for cheap

Baking sodaAre you poor? Do you want whiter teeth? Well, luckily there is a "do it yourself" solution to get whiter teeth in minutes!The trick is to just go to the supermarket and buy yourself a nice load of baking soda. Now just take the baking soda , and apply a fair amount to your toothbrush. Now all you have to do is use it like toothpaste and you're all set! You will have whiter teeth.... eventually.Do also note that if you overdo it, you can damage your teeth , so it is advisable to only do it about once a week.

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Snail slime could cure acne

Scientists in Paris have recently come to a controversial breakthrough in skincare : the use of snail slime. We say controversial because most of you jump at the feel of the adorable little creatures crawling on you.Enzymes in the snail's mucus secreted under it's slimy body contains enzymes, very special enzymes. The type that has been proven time and time again to not only cure skin infections like acne and eczema, but also restores elasticity to skin over time, thus acting as an anti aging agent. The future of skincare?  But would you be willing to put a container of this stuff on your face? Comment below, we want your opinions :)  

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