Patriots Win Super Bowl 2019

Super Bowl 2019 Champs Super Bowl 2019 Champs

 In a tense game that seemed to go on forever, a stalemate was finally broken in the fourth quarter when the New England Patriots got the first touchdown of the game.

That lead would not be overtaken by the Los Angles Rams ever again. To add insult to injury, the patriots managed to get a 40+ yard field goal on a return drive that was less than an inch from the first down line (a call which seemed absurd and risky).

The game looked bleak at first, an early field goal by New England seemed like an end to a great defensive sportsmanship on both sides; but this would end when the rams got their own field goal in quarter two of the game.

This game, although hard to watch, materialized into something very entertaining in quarter four. New England showd the world that the dynasty is not dead. New England is once again on top of the world… or at least the NFL.

This game also marks a momentous 6 rings for the New England Patriots' star quarterback: Tom Brady. This super bowl gives Brady his sixth super bowl ring since 2001.

Congratulations to New England, Coach Bill Belichick, and all the great players without who this game would have not been possible! 

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