Nuclear Armageddon In 2012? Could It happen in our lifetime?

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It may come as an absolute absurdity; who would believe that the biblical Armageddon could soon happen?Is it even stranger to know that it could last a few hours and not affect us at all?

Well, if you scientifically analyze the details of the event, you will notice that the battle will take place in the mountains of the Sinai peninsula.Where is that you may ask? Well, all the way in Israel! Why would It worry anyone in the U.S.? It should not!.

Now , let us carefully analyze the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons. The bible states the end of the world will end in a sea of fire. For this purpose,we must analyze an atomic explosion carefully. We do have images of these that have recently been declassified by our government. Now, If you look at the picture above this post, ^ You will see it resembles an atomic explosion.

So who are the combatants in the last battle that should take place in "the holy land"? Well, Iran is a good country to point a finger at! Why? Because they also have nuclear weapons, and they politically hate Israel [and Israel hates them back]. So now you see, with a bit of calculation we can sort of come to an ambiguous conclusion !

And this gives the people of earth a reason to believe that this must be stopped at all costs! But, If the bible and destiny hold true, nothing can change this prophesy.  So, stay ever so vigilant, and if you can, vote yes to worldwide nuclear disarmament!

Please note that even though 2012 A.D. is over, it is still important to support nuclear disarmament. With surges of tensions throughout the world as of the year 2014 , it has come to our attention that the threat of nuclear violence is still persistent and escalating.

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