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Pirates steal ropes from Douala Port, Cameroon

On February 01, 2014 at approximately 1:40 eastern time(US) , a wooden motorboat carrying some 12 men approached a rope transport vessel. The pirates , using grappling hooks, attached their speedboat to the hull of the transport vessel.

The pirates then proceeded to board the vessel one by one using additional grappling hooks. The crew noticed and alerted a distress call to the local officials.

However, the response did not arrive on time and the pirates looted about one hundred containers full of threaded rope. The crew of the tanker locked themselves in the captain's quarter and were apparently unharmed.

At approximately 3:30 eastern time (US), the pirates detached the speedboat from the bulk carrier and sped off. Officials did not arrive for another two hours.

A "thorough" investigation has apparently been launched to not only investigate the incident, but also why authorities reacted so late.

Rope stolen in Douala Port, Cameroon Rope stolen in Douala Port, Cameroon
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