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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

We think that it is about time to write a "quick start" tutorial on the Cthulhu Portal. We will try to cover the basics in this tutorial. Keeping that in mind, this should be the first article any new user , or pre-registered user should read. Just to get a rough idea on why this website exists, and more importantly how to use it.

Ok, lets start at the basics. When you hit that "register" button , that is your first step onto our wonderful community, you will be asked to supply a password, a username, a real name, and everything else is pretty much optional. You should, however, supply a gender (you wont be able to change this after registration unless you contact us).

Once your registration is finished , you need to confirm your email address through the link we will send to your email address (basic stuff huh?) .

We can now assume that you confirmed the email address! So, what now?

Well, you should start off by clicking the "home" button in the menu, when you do this, a menu will be present to your left-hand side , under this, you can click "edit my profile". The first step after clicking this should be to look above the profile where it says "profile picture" , click "change" and chose a default picture (we have a library) or "upload" your own! Make sure to click the "submit" button to save your photo!

Next, you can go to the left again and click "my profile" , note that as oppose to most social networks, here you have a bunch of tabs for all your profile settings and fields. Click the "gallery button" to enable a profile gallery, here you can upload and share your very own photos with your connections.

Click the "blog" tab, enable a profile blog, and use these to either describe your interests , blog, or simply write worthless stuff.

The profile book tab is your wall, make sure to enable this so that anyone that wants to leave you a comment can. By default it should be on , but you can certainly disable it!

Also note, if you want a forum signature, click the edit profile button and click "forum" , then edit profile forum signature.

So what now? Well, now that your profile is set up, go out there and get some connections! Participate in the community, post comments, share your work , and watch as your "points" go up!

We will write more specific tutorials on the various features you now have available to you on a later date! Good luck everyone! :)

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