Removing Many Portions Of This Website

Because it is fair to assume that having duplicates on this site , which require anything but a single "login" , we are going to demobilize phoenixanswers , because we have created "Cthulhu Answers" on the Cthulhu portal.

We are going to demobilize the "iron phoenix forum" , because we already have a forum right here "Cthulhu Forum" , we are probably going to demobilize "any age products" , and bring all posts into here.

Iron eagle will also be demobilized, the reason is obvious : it's a rather pointless addition to this website, adds no value , and we really just don't need it :)

We already demobilized "BurnOn" Social media, and "PhoenixGames" , soon this website will be one huge entity, rather than the mess we have created through testings. After this "merger and purge", this website will be more unified, under the banner of "Cthulhu Portal" and this blog. The Wiki is important, and login has been integrated with the Cthulhu portal, so it will be "rapidly advancing" , we will never destroy it , promise.

As for now, phoenixtube does not exactly have a planned demolition, we want to integrate it with the portal, but this might change, that is why we destroyed registration for it :/ , sorry.

The main website will also be done... sooner or later, stay tuned :)

cthulhu portal new design

Cthulhu portal new design

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