Spam will never be allowed to roam freely on The Order Of The Iron Phoenix for as long as we live!

Dear spammers, promoting your garbage on our website has caused us to be labeled as a "blacklisted" website by google. This means any internal or outbound links will be considered links to spam sites, we congratulate you, way to get your pagerang back to 0! But in the process, you ignorant seo noobs took us with you.  Thanks to you, google has dropped all of our seo work to a state of purgatory (PR-0). We hope you are happy, starting with BurnOn, all of your sad accounts will be banished, your ips's blocked. There is nothing you can do to stop us, your backlinks will be gone forever. We are a clean site, we do not tolerate links to pornographic content and will not allow promotion of your garbage unless you pay us, have you idiots heard of adwords?  We will also dedicate ourselves to eliminating your spam backlinks off the face of the earth, we have contacted google, your websites will be blacklisted for using spamming as a promotion to get your pagerank up, this is against google's terms of service. Have fun with no organic traffic noobs, this will be our CHECKMATE!


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