The joker killer

James Holmes, an absolutely pitiful human being, came into a theater, wearing a gasmask , threw in some smoke bombs, and opened fire on innocent civilians.  He ended up killing 12 and injuring another 59. The sickening part is really that the schizophrenic sap thought he would be a joker copycat, he fantasized about being the villain and decide to prove himself. Pictures of his fantasies have been found in his apartment. 24 year old Holmes also had a journal which appears to depict him as an attention seeking , mentally ill child. Perhaps if someone found these earlier, 12 innocent people could have been saved. As for our opinion? We believe that a person of this mentality has proven himself to be unfit for a human rich environment, a death sentence appears to be the best solution for such a sickening, and cowardly child. Although we personally condone the death sentence as a concept, there will no grief from us if Holmes is given the injection. And may god be merciful on his putrid soul.

look at this ugly psyopath The face of a sick, demented, and unworthy human being
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