The World's Largest House Cat

Have you ever wondered what the world's largest house-cat looks like? Have you ever wondered if something the size of a lion could make a good pet? Well, there is a species of cat christened the Savannah Cat.

Savannah Cat Savannah Cat

This cat comes in at an impressive 5 feet from tail tip to nose. Its known to weigh up to 100 lbs, plays fetch and is great with other pets, children and even dogs. In essence, the cat is really more of a cheetah than a house cat, the only thing house-cat about it is It's adorable head and playful behavior. Researchers say that breeding housecats with wildcats results in a huge drive to be "naturally aggressive", this of course is a load of bull. The Savannah, as oppose to even most dogs, can be taught to walk on a leash , use a litter box, play fetch, swim (which they love) and even hunt with you. There is literally a sentiment in our mind that this cat is a candidate for th ultimate pet of the twentieth century. We have even seen people hat taught tier cats to speak whenever they are hungry or fell like walking. Indeed, this could be man's new best friend!

So whats the catch ? The cats of generation 1-5 where exclusively incompetent on the male side, this has been addressed in a new batch called "gen 6" . These super kittens can breed, and will be the wave of future pets to be provided through special breeding programs throughout the US. As of 2012, the average cost for a kitten is 25,000$, yes, you heard right. Not everyone can afford them , but if you can, please send us all of your offspring (we want to test them in person) :D

Here is a video: Courtesy of Animal Planet


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