Do you hate speaking with robots?

Ok, so this is going to all come from personal experiences. Yes, I'm going to write about my boring old life today, and although you may not care to read this, I want to make a VERY valid point.

The scenario

So, yesterday my cable box stopped working properly, I use Comcast due to my excessive like of movies. Anyways, I'm the type of person that NEVER has time to watch television. So, I really throw a solid 80$ out of my pocket every month (yeah it's pretty cheap for 999 channels I never watch).   And to my dismay, the cable box was not working. And so, this being the first time in months I had to watch television, I naturally decided "heck, why not call the support team , after all I pay them right?" . So I picked up the good old cell, found Comcast's number and gave them a call. Guess what? It was a mother f* robot. So the robot naturally had like 10 options, all 10 of which did not have "talk with a person/employee" , so I tried one chain and landed in tech support, guess what? Another f*ing ROBOT. This one gave me 6 more options , again none led to a real person. So, then 10 minutes later I landed in tech support, and got another robot. So, it asked me for a voice command at which point I asked to speak with a person (this was bloody 11 am on a Friday), It said : "I'm sorry, I cant understand your question, please say it again or press #2 for more options". I pressed mother f* 2 and got 6 more options. And from there another robot that asked for a voice automated answer. And motherf*ing to my surprise , It said "thank you for calling Comcast customer support canter, goodbye". Goodbye!? Im sorry mr robot? You hung up on me!? God motherf*ing damnit! Some nerve this robot has, hanging up on me. 

Going to jail casually Going to jail casually


My Conclusion:

I wish we still had mother f*ing cable guys in this cruel and robot infested world! For the love of f*!

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