Two women drown in San Antonio, Texas flooding

In a strange turn of events, torrential downpours in Texas have caused massive flooding. It's weird how all this doomsday weather has occurred, including the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma , sounds almost like 2012 all over again.

Well , anyways, there has been tremendous damage caused to the infra-structure of San Antonio. Flooding has fell trees , damaged power-lines, water has sunk homes,destroyed automobiles, and even caused two deaths (maybe three).

It is very shocking to see flooding in Texas , which is still one of this country's driest states. The flooding prompted local authorities to perform almost 300 "life risking" operations to recover stranded or "near-dead" persons. All of these ended pretty successfully, but two women were not so fortunate.

A woman in her 60s was swept by the currents in her car. Authorities attempted to try to save her, but the car overturned and she drowned. Authorities were unable to flip the car or open the doors for well over 20 minutes, at which point the woman was unable to be brought back to life.

Another woman was accordingly hit in the head by falling debris, the age of the victim is unknown, but all we know is she was discovered deceased several hours after she had died.

The last victim was also probably the first victim, a teenage boy whom was swept up on the eve of the storm by a strong current. Unfortunately, this body has not been recovered yet, so we hope he isn't dead.

In the wake of tragedy, over 600 homes have been deemed "completely destroyed". Many more have been evaluated to sustain more damage then their value, and thousands have sustained serious damage that could compromise structural integrity.

Victims during the storm were forced to move away in inflatable boats , most made it to safety in shelters and elsewhere , so as you can imagine the afflicted area is pretty abandoned at this time--save some recovery personnel.

More will be written about this when more news is handed over to us.

San Antonio Flooding San Antonio Flooding

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