Virtual Reality Conspiracy Theory

We know this sounds a bit strange but we recently uncovered what appears to be damning evidence of people wanting to stop the existence of virtual reality. Virtual reality is still in it's infancy and usually relies heavily on the use of three separate projectors to create three dimensional images, kind of like our own experience with creating three dimensional movies from flat shapes using a z axis.

Virtual Reality Virtual Reality

Going forward, this is going to sound a bit out of whack, but rest assured it seems to be a pattern. Gunpei Yokoi , creator of the gameboy color , gameboy pocket, and crosspad was on the verge of finishing up his virtual reality studies. He created something called the virtual boy , which in essence was the first attempt at three dimensional emulation. Although a bitter failure on the market, the concept was to be worked upon by Yokoi and his team.

A few weeks after the virtualboy hit the market, Yokoi rear-ended a truck (or maybe was backed up into) , he stepped out to asses the damage and get the insurance numbers of the man in front of him. Seconds later, a former Yakuza (Japanese gangsters like the Italian and Irish mobsters in the US) member swept Yokoi with his own truck from behind , killing him instantly.  This seems very insignificant but a more recent event sort of makes this sound more or less not accidental.

Gunpei Yokoi killed by yakuza member Gunpei Yokoi killed by yakuza member

More recently, and shockingly, oculus rift ( a company that is experimenting with virtual reality) had it's co-founder killed to death by a pack of gangsters following a brutal police chase. And guess how he died? Not only was he killed to death, but he was struck by a car driven by a gangsters while crossing the street -- coincidence huh?

Oculus Rift Co-founder Andrew Scott Reisse Killed Oculus Rift Co-founder Andrew Scott Reisse Killed

Does someone fear the creation of virtual reality? Are there reasons why both men , prominently in charge of three dimensional development, died in freak accidents involving car hits and gang members? Yes, it sounds a bit far-fetched, but hey, who knows right? Post your comments below or talk more on our forums we really are eager to hear your input on this.
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