A fail idea "google glasses"

Google glass is an idea drafted by google for mass production circa 2014 A.D. These are glasses that you strap around your eyeballs and do tasks similar as you would on your lovely little iphone. The difference is mainly that it is all voice operated and the glasses start at 1500$ a pair. We can already imagine how cool you would be if you had a pair, people would totally think you were "uncool" unless you have your google glasses lol.

you aint cool unless you have these you aint cool unless you have these

Anyways the google glasses will be running a fully voice operated version of android designed specifically for them. You will have a screen you could possibly look at above and below your field of vision. Unlike the more futuristic idea of internet glasses controlled by your brain, google glasses wont help you cheat on your exams , sorry , unless you put all the answers on the screen and pretend like these "zorro" style glasses are for seeing *cough*.

So basically it's like siri but more annoying, having to be in your field of view constantly. This isn't exactly what we had in mind when we wrote about the "smart contacts" , but hey people though cell phones were dumb when they first came out , right?

Did we forget to mention these google glasses have a 300 gb micro sd card and a camera that will constantly record everything you do, you know just in case you want to watch that footage for a full 24 hours to relive your special days... -_- (lol maybe google is spying on you)

Google glasses will be released some time in 2014 to the general public, and they will probably be bought by people in vast quantities at the price of a crappy used car :D
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