World's fattest man sheds pounds

Paul Mason Transformation Paul Mason Transformation - Paul Nixon Photography

Perhaps one of the most inspirational moments for anyone suffering from obesity; 52 year old Paul Nixon, the former 980 pound man has dropped down to barely above 320 pounds!

This notice came strait out of the United Kingdom following Paul's bypass surgery in 2010, which he opted for following the need for a hernia surgery that cause fire rescue to chop apart his house to get him out.

The bypass went splendid! Paul now has a chance to put himself into control of his own life. He has made a commitment to never let himself go again. He stated "it feels almost like I finally got out of my personal prison [body fat]".

Just imagine, this man literally lost 2/3 of his body weight! It must bring some sort of inspiration into anyone suffering from excessive body fat!

Although we would NEVER recommend surgery, we appreciate anyone's commitment to making themselves better physically. We salute Paul in his efforts to be skinny again, and may he lose another 100 pounds!

All it takes is commitment, sheer willpower, and you will have the body of your dreams :)

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