Xbox one slabbed 500 dollar pricetag

xbox one xbox one

Such a bullshit! - These are the words of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of very disappointed xbox fan-boys amidst the cruel announcement by Microsoft at E3 today. Microsoft's new invention "the xbox one"  was announced two months after sony announced their plans for a "playstation 4".

Millions of fanboys are more eager about this "xbox one" thing over the ps4. Through this craze, people don't exactly know what either the ps4 or xbox one will look like, but they want their hands on these "futuristic" gaming consoles.

However, and to our own dismay, the 499$ pricetag seems like total bullshit. Naturally the system is probably not that great, only an upgraded graphic processor and some ram , nothing special. The idea of the 499$ pricetag is probably the same reason some people launch games with higher tags then reduce : to make more money from idiot fanboys.

Unfortunately , Halo has also announced that it's next game will be coming out early next year for the xbox one. This means people would have to spend almost 600$ on the system and the game within a three month period.

This people, will mean not many people will be abandoning their xbox360s , also halo 5 --r whatever it's called-- will not make quota like halo 4 did, sorry. We will keep you updated on this issue, because we know how important it is to you :)

Well anyways , here is the long awaited halo for xbox one trailer from E3.

Here we are told we are continuing from the origin storyline with masterchief from where we left off in halo 4. Not much is available for now.
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