Yik Yak Dead

Yik Yak Dead Yik Yak Dead

Yik Yak, one of the most frequently used anonymous communication apps on the market announced it's move towards dissolution today. This comes amidst rumors that up to 70% of it's current workforce has been sacked within the past six months.

Yik Yak will officially be ending its services, once valued at over 400,000,000 USD. Long gone will be the days of college men soliciting brojobs anonymously, and others showing the world pictures of them smashing their friend's mother. The thirst of many will finally be quenched, and the lands will remain desolate and dry. Until a Yik Yak clone spawns itself and the cycle begins again.

Why did Yik Yak fail?

Well, with the move towards creating non-anonymous profiles and other such tangents, the community dwindled. Many of the users of the app graduated college and moved to bigger and better things (small towns didn't yak much). Additionally, many new freshmen in colleges did not even know the app existed.

As such, the graduating class of 2016 took away almost 70% of Yik Yak's active users. This hit them in the pockets, and the yak would finally be butchered and offered as a sacrifice to ease the thirst of the community in December of 2017 (anticipated).

We must never forget this app, but rest assured, it is all but dead now, and nothing can stem the bleeding. 

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