Airline Companies Hate Him. See How This Doctor Made $200 Into $800,000

David Dao David Dao

Doctor David Dao is hated by airline companies, continue reading to find out his trick to making thousands of dollars from the airline companies. Keep reading:

Early this morning, a video surfaced showing doctor David Dao being beaten and dragged off an American Airlines flight for failing to comply with a request to leave. But this made doctor Dao, already a rich man, richer!

You see, airline personnel have a pretty simple slogan: "no more seating, prepare for a beating". 

No More Seating Prepare For A Beating

Doctor David Dao knew this when he entered the plane, and he got exactly what he asked for: a beating. David Dao managed to, therefore, flip his $200 plane ticket into an $800,000 lawsuit. And you too can do that, all you must do is follow the following steps.

Step 1. Fly American Airlines

Step 2. Fly Frequently

Step 3. Be Belligerent With Authorities

Step 4. Get A Beating

Step 5. Profit

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