Zé Arigó

Zé Arigó was a magic man that claimed he could perform surgery by simply closing his eyes, and the spirit of Dr Adolph Fritz would take his hands and do his godly work.

Zé Arigó successfully managed to do this over 30 times. Zé Arigó distrusted traditional medicine, so he opted to instead use a rusty butcherknife , which gave him his famous name: "the surgeon of the rusty knife".

Zé Arigó

Zé Arigó

This psychic state was apparently incurred when Zé Arigó was working in a mine, after he had escaped schooling due to lack of funds. He witnessed an entity in a white apron, with an "unrecognizable" face, only identifying itself as "the spirit of Dr Adolph Fritz".

Zé Arigó soon began his practice of medicine, usually on people close to death with terminal cancers. Strangely enough, nobody he ever treated died, he removed a few brain tumors , something that in the 1970s had a fatality rate almost in the triple digits.

Zé Arigó was actually arrested for malpractice by the Brazilian government in 1970. Following a miraculous treatment of a patient with a brain tumor, while in prison , and without the use of sedatives, Zé Arigó was released. But Zé Arigó no longer did this miracle work to stay on good terms with the law.

As fate would have it, within one year of quitting his the miracle work, he was tragically killed in an automobile accident - in which not only the impact compounded him, but a petrol blast left nothing but charcoal-.

This situation is not well documented , but it is very strange and true.

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