T28 Superheavy Tank

If you thought the Germans were the only ones that could field mammoth tanks, you clearly have never heard of the infamous project "T-28", which in all honesty was on-par with the mammoths of the German land forces. T-28-95 super-heavy American tank As world war two was appearing to be a similar standstill on all fronts to World War One, American tank designers began thinking like the English during that first bitter war , they needed something thick ! With tanks like the panther and tiger prowling around , the idea of sending swarms of ill-equipped M4 Shermans seemed doomed to fail. With the coming of the tiger II , the Sherman could no longer even penetrate many of the German armored units, let alone storm to Berlin. Similarly in Japan , the Sherman appeared to be getting bogged down and destroyed by anti-tank weapons with relative ease (by an army that barely...

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