Changes to the Cthulhu Portal December 2012

Dear ladies and gentlemen, after carefully taking opinions from website designers, users, and a adding a bit of common sense, we have decided to move the main menu to the top of the portal. We also want to not that an issue is present with this, we wanted to leave the menus large, but creating submenus is a hassle, so there is a small green arrow below the "home" button, you can click this to access the main menu submenus. Now we also want you to note, the background image was changed a bit, it got distorted, we are not too sure how that happened, but you can ignore it for now. Cthulhu answers is up, and fully functional, the Cthulhu store is growing as we find more products that may interest you. We have also updated the "search function" so now you may search people's profiles, making it easier to...

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