Happy 2013!

It has been our finest pleasure having you with us through our first year. We feel we have gotten much done, from the days we initially began serving you with news and services. 2012 is also going to go down as the year of the "Mayan calender doomsday" prophesy that we all survived -thank god-.We have also put a few touches on a movie we plan to release, along with demobilizing BurnOn social media.We have also taken PhoenixWiki into a no spam zone, now the only way to create articles, or anything of that matter, is to log into the Cthulhu Portal , then enter the wiki. This will hopefully rid us of spam entirely. -moving on- Now let us share that we were indeed strongly disappointed with the new years celebration in times square this year, it's almost as if no effort was put in to give it a sensation of...

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