The best charity in the history of the universe

Hello, dear reader. We are going to start a very different type of charity today, this will involve anyone reading our blog to donate any amount of spare change to an account we will be monitoring personally. The proceeds of this charity will toward our hopes of purchasing a rare Savannah kitten, so the goal is 25,000$. This means that out of the 30,000 page-views we hit on our website per day, if 100 people donate 1$, in 250 days , we will have the kitten. What we intend to do with this kitten is raise it, and video tape it's life for the next couple of years. As a huge bonus, we will do all of this for free on YouTube in our documentary on the rare, and perfect cat. So, if you may just please donate one dollar, or less, or maybe ore, we could possible get the ball...

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