How the origin of the word "miracle" lies in pagan practice

Perhaps you are familiar with the word "miracle" in association with whatever religion you openly or secretly practice. But did you know that the word "miracle" which is nearly identical in all Romance and Teutonic tongues has it's roots in the ancient pagan worship of Zeus's loveliest son Hercules? Well, the origin of the word comes from a common Latin phrase "Me Hercule" which derives from an earlier Greek phrase, which at this moment is meaningless. It just translates to "my Hercules" so , you end up saying "my Hercules" every time god heals a man. And why? Because Hercules was indeed the miracle child in Greek mythology, forged by the gods, to save humanity from the paranormal. We would toast to that ;) POLLAIUOLO - Hercules Fights The Hydra In oils 

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