First solar powered airplane makes record 18 hour flight

It sounds like "the advent of the turboengine" in 1950 during the cold war. A newspaper, slapping you in the face, and the headlines are "all-solar powered plane makes 18 hour flight". This people, is us living through a VERY important piece of history. all solar pane makes 18 hour journeyBecause this plane used nothing but the sun to fuel the journey , future improvements to the concept will also only need solar energy to produce immense power. What we are trying to get at is: this is an enormous victory for the people of Earth.This is generally a step in the very proper direction of keeping our planet alive, at least long enough so that we may escape to other planets , and destroy them as well -_-.Ehem, yes humans might be a plague, but this swiss invention is probably the most "breakthrough" development or innovation of the past 40...

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